Sunday, March 09, 2008

It was bound to happen

Mothers cherish the milestones in their babies' lives. First they babble, then they crawl. They toddle, then they're saying "mama." Well, last week, my son hit another milestone. This one, well, I'm not so thrilled about. Why, you ask? He's learned how to turn the TV on and off. 

It was cute at first. "Oh look, he turned the TV on, can you believe that!"

But that didn't last long. Especially when I was watching something really important on the evening news, and he walked over and turned it off, giving me a look as if to say "hah, look who's in charge now!"

Or when it was time for bed, and he trotted over to the screen with his little pointer finger and hit the "on" button -- again.

You get the idea. 

At least he's not surfing the Web yet. I have that to be grateful for.

1 comment:

Cakespy said...

Ha! Like you say, it was bound to happen. At least you're still a lot bigger and therefore can still swipe the remote :-)