Sunday, January 06, 2008

The incredible stain remover you've never heard of

Our poor couch. This year it has seen many calamities of the baby and non-baby variety. And today, the poor thing got doused by a bowl of vegetable soup. Note to self: Don't hold bowl of soup in one hand while your toddler is playing nearby.

So, I scoured the Web this afternoon, trying to find a magic potion to zap the stain, which had left several horrible spots -- and I found one. Cream of tartar. Yeah, I was a little skeptical too. The stuff that gives your souffles that extra bounce apparently is a stain fighter. Skeptically, I mixed two tablespoons with a bit of water and slathered it on the stains. Two minutes later, voila -- stains gone.

Which brings me to my question of the day: Does anyone know what the heck cream of tartar is?

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janelle said...

Eh, I suppose I SHOULD know what it is, but beyond the raised eyebrow, never followed my curiosity. All I know is it seems to be a magic ingredient in my coveted, frosted, shaped sugar cookies.

Hope you had a nice holiday!!!