Sunday, November 04, 2007

I quit

You know the old saying: You can either cook or you can bake, but you can't do both? It's true. Let me explain.

Being partial to cooking, it has always bugged the heck out of me that I have no baking confidence. Zilch. (Well, that's excluding my pies -- I do make a mean pie.) So over the past month, I start baking -- like mad. There were brownies. There were tarts. There were cookies, breads, cakes, and lots of muffins. I whipped and I folded and I blended. I measured, kneaded, whisked, and frosted. There were highs and lows -- some good, and some just "meh" -- but the majority of the things I pulled from my oven were pretty much, well, yuck.

And last night, my baking journey ended -- with a really terrible batch of Hawaiian rolls, which had the exact texture of, how do I put this lightly, rubber tires. (Still, there is one upside to bad dinner rolls: You know who your true friends are when they slather them in butter and eat them without a single complaint. Lisa and Fletcher, you guys are the best.)

So, please make me feel better. Tell me about your baking blunders, that is, if you have any.

Bye for now. Going to rid my kitchen of muffin tins and cake pans.

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Suasoria said...

With the exception of a gingerbread cake, since I formally went vegan* a few months ago, my baking has all been blunders. And frankly, the cake was mostly edible thanks to the vegan caramel sauce.

It's not my fault. The box of egg replacer LIES and I ditched most of my chemistry class in 10th grade.

* It's a don't ask, don't tell pollicy. I cook vegan at home, and order vegan at restaurants, but if there's egg in the gnocchi or honey in the salad dressing, and I don't know about it, I don't beat myself up.