Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Neurotic recycling practices

I've been thinking about this subject ever since I mentioned it below -- had to write about it some more. Yep, I'm a neurotic recycler. You may be too if you have ever:

*Crammed a paper coffee cup in your purse, after drinking it, to bring home and put in the yard waste bin (rather than throwing it away)

*Fretted about the fact that the lid to your disposable coffee cup is not recyclable

*Kept other paper, trash, and recyclable items with you while out shopping because there was no recycle bin in sight

*Cringed when you saw someone throw a stack of paper in the trash can

*Gotten a little annoyed (alright angry!) at a house guest who kept throwing plastic bottles, beer bottles -- you name it -- in the trash can

*Dug through a trash can to reclaim recyclable items

*Re-used a piece of plastic Saran wrap too many times for it to be healthful

*Felt annoyed with recycling plants for not finding a way to recycle lids (what's up with that?!)

*Sent recyclables, like yogurt containers and glass bottles and jars, through a dishwasher before recycling

*Worried that your dog might be contributing to the planet's decline (after all, you have to use two plastic bags on walks)

*Felt pangs of guilt for your dependence upon non recyclable items like Ziploc bags

Clearly, I need help. What are your recycling hangups? Share, and I'll add to the list!


Katie said...

You're cracking me up! Have you seen that commercial with the "obsessive compulsive recylcler"???

k/ said...

here's the web site for the commerical/campaign. I actually did the PR for the branding company that created this for PEMCO. We got some great local TV and print coverage because so many of us can relate.
Keep saving the planet, I agree with all you wrote!! k

Mina said...

I discovered your blog recently and enjoy reading it. Ziploc bags get to me as well and I’ve been making an effort to buy more freezable storage containers to offset my dependence on the bags. If I really discipline myself I could start washing a bag or two for reuse and make the planet a little bit greener…

Sarah Jio said...

Brilliant idea: Why doesn't Ziploc come out with a compostable zipper bag? It would be the answer to my problems!

maggie said...

I wash the foil lids from my yogurt containers and recycle them. I don't use rubber gloves ;)

Sarah Jio said...

I don't know why it didn't occur to me to clean the yogurt tops and then recycle them (duh!) but after reading your comment, Maggie, I'm now doing it! Yeah, just what I need -- to become MORE neurotic with my recycling. But what a good idea! I even cleaned off two applesauce cup lids today and sent them to the R-bin. Yay!

Suasoria said...

You mean ziploc bags can't be recycled with other plastic bags?!? I bag up my plastic bags (like the one that the newspaper comes in) and take them to a grocery store to recycle. And I totally rinse and dry bags before recycling if they're messy.

I put the tags from new clothes in the paper recycle pile. That's random.

I haven't yet tried to compost the kitty litter, although it's made of corn and should be.

Suasoria said...

Today I realized another recycling quirk of mine: used teabags. The bag goes in the compost. The paper tag goes into the recycling bag. The string goes in the trash. Who knew a cup of tea was a three-step process?

Matt said...

How depressing... zip lock bags aren't recyclable??
I found my way to your blog trying to find out if coffee cups (like those from Starbucks) are recyclable.

I think my most obsessive recycling behavior is saving wire twist ties... they pile up in my kitchen drawer and occasionally get used... often in the garden to help stake plants.