Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some writerly advice

Freelance writer and blogger Susan Johnston, who runs The Urban Muse, a great blog for aspiring writers, interviewed me recently about my favorite topic (other than motherhood and food, of course): writing! Click here to check out Susan's blog and read what I had to say. Thanks for thinking of me, Susan!

Speaking of writing, do you have a burning question about the freelance life that you need answered? Email me, or post a comment and I'll answer it here.

Ta-ta for now. The baby is teething (how else can I explain the random fussiness?). It's been a long day. No creativity left. Not even an ounce.

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Suasoria said...

I'm sure I'd have many questions about freelance life, if only I was educated enough to ask.

I've done PR for more than a decade, so I can tell you why freelance writers are my favorite people to work with:

- They listen. My story could be their story, if I tell it right. They're as invested in my success as I am.

- They have access to publications and editors I don't, thanks to their reputation and talent.

- They're more conscientious and accurate, because being wrong about something is more of a career-breaker.

- They're up to speed about trends in their specialty, because it's their livelihood. I don't have to tell them why something is newsworthy, since they already know.

- When it comes to hands-on product testing, they're often more informative and detail-oriented than their counterparts who draw a regular paycheck for phoning in reviews.

- They're open to radically new angles, since they're not beholden to subscriber expectations or bound by corporate policies.

- They're helpful. They're great about referring me to someone who will care about what I have to say, even if they don't.

- They love email more than anyone else, since they're usually juggling multiple responsibilities. Business can be done far more efficiently and at all hours of the day.

- They're friendly. 'Nuff said.

- Like Benjamin Franklin said regarding marrying an older woman, they're grateful. They appreciate a tip, an unformed but interesting half-pitch, or a fully-cooked story that just needs a good home. They're also grateful for any and all expert sources, not just to supplement their pitches, but to build their own network.

- They'll never try to sell my client ad space.

Really, I could come up with eleven, who wants to interview me on this topic??