Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Retiring the Baby Bjorn

All of you mothers and fathers out there, you're going to identify with this post: We reached a big milestone recently. I "retired" Carson's Baby Bjorn. For the last few months, my back began to ache the minute I snapped him into the carrier. But because I couldn't imagine life without the Bjorn, (how would I shop, carry in groceries, do anything without it?) I resisted and hobbled along, clutching my aching back while Carson was strapped in, happy as a clam. But then I heard about a new baby-wearing contraption: the Ergo. This newfangled carrier allows you to wear your baby, well your child, up to 40 lbs. It also has backpack capabilities. So, in short: I ordered it. Carson loves it -- and so does my back.

So, farewell Bjorn. You've been good to us. Here is a tribute to our time with you -- the things I won't ever forget:
*The walk we took around the neighborhood, with our colicky boy in "Bjorn training" screaming so loud the neighbors looked out their windows to see what all the clatter was about.
*The many mornings I strapped my fussy baby in the carrier and paced the floors until he fell asleep for his "nap." Then I would sneak to my computer and quietly answer emails.
*The exploring we did -- all over Seattle.
*The way Carson used to chew on the front panel of the Bjorn until it was soaked with slobber. Ick.
*The time someone stopped to tell me that my baby in the Bjorn was the "perfect fashion accessory." There was no response.
*The many cups of coffee sipped above a baby's head.
*The time the clasp didn't snap all the way, and Carson fell out of the Bjorn, landing in a safe (and soft) spot -- thank God. Yes, it was pure terror.
*The joy of going through life with a baby attached to me.

Here's to you, Bjorn. And, just for fun, here are a few of our favorite photos:

The Bjorn was the morning nap spot for a while.

Baby's first airplane ride to San Diego -- here, getting off the plane and posing with the pilot.

A big boy, enjoying his final days in the Bjorn.


k/ said...

I will go back and read your post in one sec but FIRST let me know what you find out about formatting! My blog is a mess formatting wise and I have no idea why???

Katie said...

ahh. this brought a little tear to my eye! i am in bjorn heaven right now with meg and loving every second of her warm body straped to mine!

edie said...

What a great post, Sarah. I got an ergo about three weeks ago in order to save my back. I absolutely love it. I'm glad Carson is enjoying staying close to his mama!

mimi said...

I'm so glad you have the Ergo now! I was just about to recommend it. I'm surprised you lasted THIS long with the Bjorn! Oh your aching back loves you now. :)