Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Antifreeze mashed potatoes

I spent Christmas in San Diego this year. And as much as I love the wintry weather of the Northwest, it was a nice change of pace to celebrate the season with warm breezes, palm trees, and flip flops.

Now that we're home, I'm reflecting on the trip -- traveling with a baby, the importance of family, my disdain for airports and flying in general, and other important things like Christmas cookies and how I can get my hands on more of them.

And I'm sitting here laughing, as I remember a story my sister told me about a recent dinner disaster. She's an amazing cook, and an even more amazing baker, yet, like me, is not immune to the occasional kitchen blooper. Her latest? Antifreeze potatoes.

Here's how she told the story: Her husband was working on the car recently. Hands covered in antifreeze, he scrubbed up and rinsed them over the potatoes she had peeled in the sink. The long and short of it is that Jessica made the scalloped potato dish she planned, but had a little moment of panic when she realized that there might be trace amounts of a lethal substance in each bite. A few minutes later, and after a bit of Googling, she threw it out.

Apparently this sort of thing runs in the family. My mom once made a savory gingerbread cake, by accident. She added garlic powder instead of ginger.

Have a funny cooking accident of your own? Share!


Wendi said...

Oooh those sound delicious!

My cooking disaster would be "Fish Cookies". I made these cookies that take 5 years to make and soon afterwards found out that Jack used the SAME teaspoon to measure StressZime ("healthy" bacteria for the fish) into our fish tank and didn't wash the teaspoon after use!!! AHHHAHHHHH!

Mina @ [themonkeypod] said...

Speaking of food fiascos, when dining out my husband occasionally becomes too engrossed in the conversation that he doesn’t pay too much attention to eating: one time he unconsciously poured maple syrup in his coffee and drank it – apparently he missed the pancakes! Then there was the time when we were eating summer rolls at a Vietnamese restaurant and he dipped the roll in his cup of hot tea instead of the peanut sauce. And last year at my brother’s wedding he poured miso sauce in his coffee instead of on the soba noodles!

Sarah Jio said...

Now those are some INTERESTING flavors! Hah! This reminds me of the times (yes, there have been more than one!) when I poured orange juice into my cereal bowl. Oh dear. Time to check myself into the assisted living facility.