Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The State-of-the-Kitchen Address

The Meyer lemon souffle is in the oven. Well, souffles, to be accurate. I divided the batter up into six beautiful ramekins. Nineteen more minutes until the oven timer will beep, and I will be in light, fluffy, lemony bliss. I'm crossing my fingers that they turn out -- both because I'd really like to enjoy them, and because it would be a lovely ending to an otherwise blah week of cooking. Here's a brief, and somewhat unexciting, state of food in my house:

*Made a prune cake (yep, a prune cake) recently that was just so-so. Fed most of it to the dog.

*Jason on the prune cake: "Oh, this is alright, but do you think you could make a regular cake sometime? Like double chocolate?"

*I'm trying to get in the mood for holiday baking, but can't seem to find the energy.

*Steamed salmon is our favorite go-to meal at present -- simple, healthful, and satisfying.

*Craving egg nog.

*Was horrified when Jason insinuated that if I were a character on "Desperate Housewives," I would be Bree Van Dekamp. I didn't find this funny. Not even a bit.

*Eating far too much pizza.

*Wondering what type of cake I'll make Carson for his birthday, but I think we'll put a candle in a healthful muffin instead. (He's only going to eat two bites anyway, before feeding the rest to the dog.)

*Was pleased with a recent vegetarian version of stuffed peppers I put together (made with "ground" tofu, instead of meat). I told Jason (ever the carnivore), mid-bite, that this was a meatless meal, and he pretended not to hear me. "Don't tell me," he said, covering his ears. "I'm imagining that it's meat." "Right," I said. "Grass fed beef."

*Carson recently learned how to spit food out of his mouth, and now he does it at every single meal. Spoon goes in, food comes out. I'm dreading the next stage on the horizon: food throwing.

Oh, is that the oven timer I hear? More soon.


Kiwi said...

Reading your blog, I am in awe about your love of food and skill in the kitchen...WOW. I'm a fellow mom whose crowning achievements in the kitchen can be summarized as follows: tuna melts, taquitos (out of a box), grilled cheese, and so on. It's mortifying...nonetheless, I AM trying - I joined an online newsletter called the Six O'Clock Scramble, which is very cool. I've made Chicken Marsala for my hubbie, who was SO complementary. But that was months ago...I guess I should venture towards another recipe, huh? Keep inspiring me Sarah! ps I never drank Egg Nog until Matt (the foodie in our home) grated fresh nutmeg into the mug. I was HOOKED. Now I can't get enough. Dessert, anyone?

k/ kpublicrelations.com said...

Eric has suggested I'm a shoo in for the "Bree" character for years now (and I do not think it's a compliment either and it is NOT because I am a dynamo in the kitchen.) It's because she's anal and uptight. (or as he has said---editing himself clearly---she is a perfectionist.)
ugh. k