Monday, December 03, 2007

Meyer lemons

When I was pregnant last year, I overheard a conversation between two women about wedding cake -- lemon, with vanilla fondant to be exact. Suddenly, it was all I could think about. Cake. Cake. And more cake. It was the beginning of a monstrous craving, which lasted 7 months in fact. Then Carson came, and I didn't feel like cake anymore (and if I did, there just wasn't time to eat it).

Something like this happened today when I was talking with one of my editors (who also happens to be a culinary school graduate and fellow foodie). She told me that she'd visited a farm over the weekend and purchased some fresh Meyer lemons, right off the tree. "What are you planning to do with them?" I asked. "I'm thinking about making a lemon souffle," she replied. That's when it hit me: a pregnancy-grade craving (and I'm not even pregnant).

After we hung up, all I could think about was Meyer lemons -- their sweet scent, mellow flesh, smooth skins. I was borderline feverish. How could I get my hands on three pounds by this afternoon?

I did a bit of sleuthing, and came across a recipe for a Meyer lemon souffle that looked doable. Then, I packed the baby up for a trip to the market to stock up on ingredients (this boy is a trooper -- he's practically been raised in grocery stores and farmers' markets -- I'm betting that his first words will be "wild salmon," "organic eggplant," or "whole wheat flour").

Now I just need the energy to make the souffle. As you know, you never make them half-heatedly. They just won't turn out. They need love and affection, and lots of patience. And I'm much too tired tonight, so I'll just settle for a squeeze of lemon in my tea. It will have to tide me over until tomorrow.


Allie said...

Hi Sarah,
Thought I'd leave my first comment on this post because I can totally relate! First of all, I LOVE lemons (I eat them cut in half with salt). Last week I was having a craving so I made chicken piccata (extra lemon-y). This weekend I saw someone get vegetarian lasagna at a restaurant (too late to change my order) so guess what's on the menu at home tonight? Trust me, I'm NOT pregnant, but once I get the craving in my head, it's not out until it's satisfied. Can't wait to hear about the lemon souffle!

Sarah Jio said...

OMG Allie! I totally remember that you love lemons with salt. In fact, I have a vivid memory from childhood of you eating one in your kitchen. You got me hooked then, too -- did you know that? Ever since, I've been a lemon-and salt ADDICT! I even craved this during pregnancy and squeezed a bunch of lemons in a glass, threw in some salt, and drank the mixture. I know -- bizarre. But soooo good and strangely satisfying.

: )

Dawn said...

Speaking of lemons and pregnancy cravings, I have heard that sniffing lemons can help with morning sickness. I have no experience with this whatsoever, just thought I would share.


PS: my husband uses Meyer lemons to make the most delicious lemom curd you have ever tasted.