Friday, December 14, 2007

Spreading cheer: try it, it's fun!

I was listening to the radio while feeding Carson his breakfast this morning (and if you must know, yes, it was the 24-7 Christmas music station!), and one of the DJs mentioned a really heartwarming story about a woman who was in a long line at a drive-through Starbucks recently. Behind her was a an angry person who was irritated by the long line, and showing the gestures to prove her displeasure with the wait. Instead of getting irritated right back, the woman asked the barista if she could pay for the angry woman's drink. She did, and then drove off. Apparently, a barista called in to the radio station to share the story and add that the angry customer melted when this happened; and she promptly bought a drink for the person behind her -- and the chain of giving continued for a good part of the morning.

So, this melted my kind-of-a-bit-Grinchlike heart (fussy babies, assignments, messy house -- who has time for Christmas spirit these days -- bah humbug!) and I decided to give it a try. So I packed up Carson and went to the nearest Starbucks drive-through. I hovered near the entrance, waiting for a car to pull in behind me. When one did, I inched my way up. Ironically, the woman in the car behind me acted very annoyed by this, as if I'd cut her off. I saw her kind of huffing and puffing in my rear view mirror. Little did she know what I was about to do.

I asked the barista what she ordered (a breakfast sandwich) and then paid for it and drove off. In the rear view mirror, I could see a look of shock on her face as the barista gave her the news. At first she looked confused, then touched. She was smiling.

It's not like I paid her mortgage payment or anything, but maybe I made her morning a little brighter. Funny, the experience actually had the exact same effect on me.


Dawn said...

Cool story, Sarah. A barista actually gave me a free coffee the other day, all because they were out when I arrived and I had to wait a whole two minutes for her to brew a fresh pot. It is amazing how such small gestures can make such a difference. My day was totally brightened. I am sure you brightened that person's day, too!

Mimi said...

I heard about that Starbucks story -- and have been meaning to do that for someone! Isn't that such a wonderful feeling. I love stories about random acts of kindness. Good for you for making that woman's day! :)

k/ said...

I love that. Thanks for the reminder. When Eric and I lived in New England (where you pay toll roads)we would drive home from work separately at times and he would pay my toll if he were in front of me. Made my day! I will do this for someone today...thanks to you for the reminder! k