Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chocolate and Spinach

I felt a little giddy as I assembled the ingredients for Jessica Seinfeld's brownies tonight. After all, Oprah nearly did a backflip after tasting one and, well, then their was Jerry's "death row" description. I was eager to see for myself. Could brownies made with spinach actually be good?

Really, it seemed insane to add a half a cup of green sludge (pureed spinach) into the chocolaty mixture, and I cringed as I whisked. I remembered the book's title "Deceptively Delicious," and decided I'd be a little deceptive myself and not tell my husband what he was really eating, until after his first bite. After all, I don't have a 3-year-old to fool. Why not have a little fun with Jason?

The batter came together well (though I was struck by how little butter the recipe called for), and I spread it into the pan. While baking, there was a sweet, chocolaty smell in the kitchen, along with something else. Cooked broccoli? Peas? Asparagus? I began to worry.

Thirty minutes later, after the kitchen timer beeped, I ran to the oven -- so excited to assess my experiment that I forgot the potholder and burned my finger. I consoled myself with a warm slice of brownie.

Light and cakey, with a faint vegetable aftertaste (a little like, well, spinach salad), it wasn't the taste sensation I had hoped for. It was mediocre, at best. I cut a square for Jason. "Here," I said. "Try this. It's a new recipe."

He took a bite, hardly looking up from the TV ("The Office" was on, can you blame him?). "Low fat, huh?" he said.

I nodded. "And, they're made with, um, spinach."

He didn't protest or balk or set down his plate. In fact, he helped himself to another.

Hmm, I thought. Maybe Jessica Seinfeld is on to something? I can hardly wait until my son's first birthday. I'll make the recipe for chocolate cake -- with beets, of course.


Sara said...

Ha! I made these too - here was my rxn:

I'm going to post the link to your post on my site. :-)

Karen Downing said...

I made these brownies too. My five year old twins loved them, as for me, well, not so much. The texture was okay, but that spinach aftertaste was just awful.

Sara said...

Exactly - the aftertaste! and smell...

Here's the link, I screwed it up somehow the first time:

Sarah Jio | said...

Funny! Glad I wasn't the only one who was puzzled by these brownies. I mean, I'm all for healthy eating, but when you want a brownie, you want a BROWNIE! Now, off to make cookies with garbanzo beans.

Thanks for your comments! Sara, love your Web site. Karen, eager to check out yours!


Sara said...

lol... been there done that with the black bean brownies. :-) although there were some garbanzo bean crackers on Fat Free Vegan's blog that looked pretty tasty...

Sarah Jio | said...

Black-bean brownies, eh? Sounds v-interesting! Were they edible? ; )