Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Deceptive or just delicious? You decide.

Another day of Seinfeld mania. I just ran across this article about Jessica Seinfeld's book, which I've written a bit about here, and I wonder what you all think. Is it mere coincidence that a similar book was published a few months before hers? Or does this scream COPY CAT?

I have to say, I don't think there's a conspiracy going on here. Ask any journalist, author, editor, and they'll tell you this: Good ideas seem to hit the media world in twos and threes and fours. A lot of new writers (and I'm speaking of magazines here, but I think it translates into the book world, too) fear that their ideas will be "stolen." But I've learned that it's silly and useless to worry that your pitches are being snatched. It just doesn't happen. For instance, I've pitched stories to editors, had them pass, then read similar stories printed in their mags months later. Were my ideas stolen? I don't think so. What probably happened is that another writer either beat me to the punch or had a better pitch, source, whatever, or a story was already in the works.

Back to Seinfeld. The book is still on back order. I think the only reasons I'm still eager to get a copy is a.) I have a soon-to-be-veggie-hating toddler, and b.) I'm dying to make those garbanzo bean chocolate chip cookies. I don't know why, but they sound divine. Anyone want to sneak the recipe over to me? I know, I know. Shame on me!

UPDATE: I bought the book, and I love it. Even if you don't have a toddler in the house, the book is packed with fun ideas for mixing extra veggies into your foods. Sure, not really high brow cuisine, but who cares. These recipes are really fun -- and healthful! And, the Aloha Chicken Kebab recipe was beyond good (the chicken is battered in pineapple and sweet potato puree and then breaded before taking a dip in the frying pan. Really tasty!).

P.S. Hello new readers!


'Just Me' said...

As Jessica Seinfield said: the idea of puree'ing foods to sneak into meals has been around a long time. ~ While its a new concept to me...I have been reading that people have been doing it for years. And I also agree that it seems when something catches on...it usually happens at same time.

One of the sidebars in that article was about how its deceptive to SNEAK veggies into your childrens meals. I disagree. I've read the book (borrowed it from sister in law). In the book, Jessica recommends still offering kids veggies to try. But if every person thought back to their childhood, they would realize that there were a lot of veggies they hated back then that they eat now. All the book is suggesting is sneaky ways to get those good nutrients into your childs body till they are older and like more of a variety.

Sarah Jio | www.sarahjio.com said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment. Totally agree with you on sneaky thing. I think it's our job as parents to advocate good nutrition (teaching about eating veggies) and serve wholesome meals (sneaky) packed with good stuff, too. Thanks for reading!


Katie said...

I wonder how much Jessica Seinfeld is actually cooking... Hmmm...

Suasoria said...

My fear about this is when that inevitable day comes, and your little darling spies the shredded zucchini on the counter, he or she may protest, and it will be twelve years before a zucchini ever makes it past the gullet again.