Monday, October 15, 2007

It's not easy being green

Meet froggie.

It's funny how you buy your child all kinds of exciting toys -- toys for brain development, toys to engage their imagination, toys to enhance motor skills -- and yet they choose the silliest and simplest play things as their favorites. Take my son, Carson, for instance. This little 2 inch frog, which is really a bath toy that my mom bought my sister's daughter last year and was left at our house by mistake, has turned into Carson's most precious possession. Along with his blue teddy bear, he carries this miniature toad in his right hand, everywhere. We can say "where's froggie" and he'll search the room until he finds him.

How about you? What are/were your child's first favorite toys?


Sarah said...

wow. My baby Lula's favorite toy was the same green frog. Nothing but the highest tech for Lula.

Sarah Jio | said...

Oh that's so fun! Maybe Carson and Lula are destined to meet someday! ; )