Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some thoughts on motherhood

I kind of wish I started this blog months ago. It would have made me sit down and record my reflections on Carson's early days, the dreaded colic, the phantom health concerns, the anxiety about everything, and the joys, too. I like to think I'll remember it all, but I know I won't. And maybe I won't want to, either. To be frank, a lot of things in Carson's first year have been harrowing. But then there are those sparkling moments when you smile, laugh, cry out of sheer joy. These are some of the gems I don't want to forget:

*The day I was going about my morning, coffee in hand, and noticed a Cheerio floating in my mug.
*The first time Carson reached his arms out for me.
*That first smile, though brief (and between screaming).
*His "dinosaur" noises.
*The moment when he first discovered Paisley, our dog, and the squeals of laughter that followed.
*Watching him figure out how to crawl.
*Wild jumping in the Johnny Jump Up.
*Baby Beluga.
*Seeing him use sign language to tell me when airplanes are overhead.

All you mamas out there, what are the "gems" of your babies' first years?


P Scott Cummins said...

Way to go, Sarah!

Jennifer Perrow said...

Great to see what you are up to these days, Sarah! Carson is adorable and I'm thrilled that you are continuing to find such success in the writing world.

Proud mommy moments continue to happen, even when your "babies" grow up! Yesterday Allie (7)showed me a story she wrote at school (public school, mind you!) about the way our family celebrates Christmas. She articulated why we celebrate Jesus' birthday and emphasized that "we are a christin (sic) family and that's why we celebrate Jesus birthday every year." I am proud of her budding writing skills AND proud of the way she so easily embraces her faith.

I was proud of Jake (10) this week too. He was elected to serve on the student council at school---a big deal for him, as he has run (and lost) for the past two years. I'm delighted that God is continuing to transform my "strong-willed" child into a bright and capable leader.

Take heart, all you mothers of spirited young children!