Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Juggling it all

Beginning next month, I'm writing a new page/column for Health magazine. This is under lock and key at the moment as the mag is undergoing a redesign and the details about the page I'll be covering is top secret for now--but I can tell you that it will be food and nutrition focused!

And, some of you may know that I signed with a literary agent last year to represent my novel-in-progress. Well, the book is now complete! I submitted the manuscript, all 380 pages of it, to my agent last week. I'll post an update here when I know more about the future of this baby (i.e., whether it is going to be sold soon, or doomed to collect dust for the next century). And, keep up with this blog for bits and pieces about what the book is about and when and where you can read it!

The other morning I swaggered out of bed at 5:11 a.m. Mind you, this isn't when I normally like to rise. I'm not a morning person. If left without deadlines, an alarm clock and a golden retriever, all of which I have, I'd probably snooze till 10 (OK, I'll be honest -- 10:30). But on that particular morning, there was a certain 9 month old baby crying out for me.

And so I got up, dutifully, like I always do no matter when he wakes. But that's not to say I had a good attitude about it. I huffed and puffed and scowled at my husband who was still sleeping--with earplugs, mind you--and made my way down the hall to the nursery. It only took a few seconds for my frown to melt, because there he was--my little Carson--STANDING in his crib, not really sure how he got there or how he was going to get back down. He was stuck. My baby boy who I used to swaddle up in these tight little burrito-like packages, is standing. It was a proud mama moment.

The question "what do you want to do for dinner?" is uttered often in my home. Sometimes it drives me crazy (you try cooking with two articles due, three editors to call back, and a fussy baby in your arms), sometimes it inspires me. Take yesterday, for instance. I felt like Martha Stewart. No, Martha Stewart on steroids. I "whipped up" a batch of empanadas, stuffed ever-so-deliciously with these gorgeous and surprisingly tangy green heirloom tomatoes, ground beef, onions, and peppers. And tonight? I was not feeling like Martha Stewart. We had leftovers.

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Katie B. Wilkinson said...

I am so proud of you, Sarah! What a talented juggler you are...You are inspiring me to enter the world of blogging. Not sure I have anything interesting to share but I love to chat, write, share...hmmm. If only there were enough hours in the day but I do think I might dive in soon. Blessings and much success to you, dear heart! Katie