Friday, February 08, 2008

Cake on the brain

I have a confession to make: I've been thinking about cake -- a lot. Lemon, chiffon, white chocolate, fondant, all kinds, really. I'll be interviewing someone for a story, and there goes the brain: to cake. Here's an example:

Interview subject: "Bla, bla, bla ..."

Me: Hmm, I wonder if I can cut this interview short and bake a chocolate cake before Carson wakes up from his nap? Or maybe I should drive over to my favorite bakery later (Simply Desserts)?"

Interview subject: "Bla, bla, bla -- bla!"

Me: Did he just say CAKE?

Here's the weird thing: Ask anyone who knows me -- this craving is completely out of character. In fact, my mom had to make pies for my birthday parties as a child because I hated cake. (Yep, she decorated them with birthday candles and all!)

I've learned, through researching a new story I'm writing for Health magazine (keep an eye out this spring!), that food cravings can be as powerful as drug cravings. Whoa!

What are you craving?


Anonymous said...

I pretty much crave chocolate perpetually. I had a group of friends over tonight so I had a good excuse to make a cake. I found a recipe Real Simple's website, Chocolate-Earl Grey Cake. Just the thing for my chocolate fix.:-)

Sarah Jio said...

Hi Silya! Thanks for stopping by. That chocolate cake recipe looks YUMMY! How did it turn out?

k/ said...

YUM, that cake recipe sounds great. I might make it today myself...thanks for sharing on Sarah's site. I checked out your profile, Silya, and hope to read some posts soon as your profile alone was great! k

Michelle said...

I have been enjoying your writing and just wanted to say that, strangely enough, I've been having cake cravings lately, too. Really! I'm usually not much of a sweets person, and when I do eat sweets I usually prefer pie or cookies ... so what's up with the cake? Especially chocolate. I'm searching for a recipe that is similar to a chocolate cake that my daughter and I get at our favorite cafe: rich, dense, almost browie like. If anyone knows a good one, I'd sure appreciate it. The name of my blog is Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well, to my suprise, it was a hit. Several of my friends had seconds. I loved it. My husband loved it and he's pretty picky when it comes to cakes so I would definitely recommend it.

And, yeah, I'm really hoping to get to that blog of mine too. Thanks for showing your enthusiasm, it's very motivating. :-)

Sarah, you have a wonderful blog here. I have you in my Google Reader and look forward to your future posts. :-)