Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What will they think of next?

Have you heard of the new water bottle from Arrowhead? It's billed as an "eco-shape" bottle. The idea is that it uses 30 percent less plastic so it's environmentally friendly. Are you rolling your eyes right now along with me? Better idea: Ditch the plastic bottles for a Sigg, or another reusable bottle. My Sigg, in fact, would probably take a prominent place on my can't-live-without list. Really.

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SA said...

Hi Sarah,
I am with you on the Greenwashing to the Arrowhead thing. During the MS 150 bike ride there were a gillion water bottles and of course every bike had one or two on board that was refillable. Hard to market Don't |Buy Shit At All to folks.

Love your blog
Sally anne