Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fear of drug stores during flu season

Disclaimer: I give you full permission to shake your head at me after reading this post. Heck, I'm even shaking my head at me. But I must fess up and share: I absolutely, positively, detest going to the drug store during cold and flu season -- so much so, in fact, that I pull a Bill Murray a la "What About Bob" (you know, when he opens all the door handles with a paper towel?).

But today -- cringe -- I had to go. And when I arrived, the place sounded like a symphony of sickness: 

Cough, cough. Sniffle, sniffle. SNEEZE. 

I hurried.  I held my breath. I Pureled. And then when I got to the checkout line, and turned my head for a second, the cashier was (gulp) holding my son's hand

Noooooooooooo! Don't touch the baby with those germy hands that have probably just rung up the purchases of 321 people carrying the flu! 

This is what I was thinking. Of course, I didn't say it. Instead, I smiled and paid, then booked it to the restroom to wash Carson's hands before he could start sucking his thumb. 

I told you you'd be shaking your head. 

But please tell me you can relate. Maybe just a teeny bit?


Dawn said...

I completely relate, and I don't have a child. I never touch doorknobs or faucets in public places and I always carry hand sanitizer everywhere.

Sarah Jio said...

Glad to hear it Dawn!! I guess it could be worse (plastic gloves come to mind). ; )

Anonymous said...

I work in a public library. Although it's not the same as drug stores, it mind as well be. I exchange books with people who have been coughing into their hands, type on public computers where people have been blowing their noses...eeww. A very large bottle of Germ-X sits on my desk, I use it constantly.

Then again, there are those who say that it's sometimes better to expose yourself a little to germs to help build your immune system but as for cashiers touching my child without my consent...I try to be polite too but my expression usually ends up being a very emotional "Step off, lady!". We've had this happen on several occassions at one store that my husband actually talked to the supervisor. So, no your definitely not alone.