Sunday, February 03, 2008

How do you store bread?

Everyone I know seems to have a different way to store their favorite loaf: in a bag, in the fridge, in a bread box, on the counter -- you get the idea. Personally, I've been thinking about purchasing a bread box, since plastic is not only a problem environmentally speaking, but it also seems to trap a lot of moisture. Soggy bread = gross.

What's your fail-proof method?


Jessica said...

As you know, I love bread! But I'd say that storing it in plastic is the best way to keep it moist and soft ...if you like it that way. Keep it away from the hot sunshine from your window if you don't like the idea of plastic leaching. The fridge is a good option only if you want to keep it from molding so fast. I don't have that problem here. We eat it too fast!

Sarah Yost said...

foolproof? eat it fast.