Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mineral makeup hazards?

I love my new mineral makeup. It feels nice knowing that I'm not dousing my skin in chemicals and preservatives every morning. But today I got to thinking: With all the dust flying around (or rather, minerals), is breathing in all those particles during the application process harmful to my health? If you've tried this type of makeup, you know it's a tad messy.

OK, so I've gone from worrying that my makeup is toxic to worrying that it's giving me lung cancer. Forgive me for being a tad paranoid. But, please weigh in on this issue. What do you think?

P.S. I'm typing this, for the very first time, on my new Mac! Already lovin' it, even though I'm a little slow figuring things out. I have to admit, I do miss the ol' right click. Hugs and kisses to Jason for spending the better part of the weekend archiving old files, emails, and doing the transfer. It was a big job, and it's nice to have my very own (and quite handsome!) tech guy!


Michelle said...

Glad to see you stopped by my blog, Sarah! In case you are interested in making the Tortilla Lime Soup, I've tweeked it a bit by adding a bit of cumin and a dash of coriander. I've updated the recipe on my blog. About the mineral makeup, my 19 year old daughter wears it, and she said the same thing you did, it's a bit messy. I'll have to keep my ears open to see if it is dangerous.

Jodi | Wendi said...

Congrats on your new MAC!

Ali Basye said...

I always think I'm breathing in chemicals with mineral makeup, so I'm right there with you. If it's not one thing it's another!

Anonymous said...

I think you should embrace your natural beauty and not feel compelled to spend your time and money applying toxic chemicals to your body.

BTW, Mac, the computer, is not an acronym and therefore is not spelled MAC.

Sarah/A Full Plate said...

Natural beauty? Hah! Wish I had more of that.

Thanks -- looks like I'm guilty of a typo. Will fix that! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog while trying to figure out the correct spelling for makeup (makeup or make-up?) when I realized I was using both forms while editing a blog post.

I’m about to venture into the world of mineral makeup and did a bit of research. Anonymous is incorrect. There are no chemicals additives in (most) mineral makeups that is how they market themselves as “natural”, however you will discover that not all mineral makeups are truly natural. There are two aspects to mineral makeup that experts warn about which you can read about here:

As for your question regarding, inhaling the minerals it is only an issue if the mineral is micronized into micro- or nano- particles. However, we as consumers have no way of determining which products may be potentially harmful.

“Minerals like zinc and titanium are safe when applied to healthy skin but in a micronized nanoparticle form, there remains a concern, particularly when applied to damaged skin, or when inhaled."
From WebMD (link to the source at bottom of the link above)

Hope you find this helpful.

ps. Congratulations on leaving the “dark side”. I have been a loyal Mac user since we had our first home computer.