Friday, February 01, 2008

Things I thought I'd NEVER do

Funny how being a mom makes you change in ways you never thought possible. Here is my list:

*Minivans: Nope, I don't drive one. Love my Volvo. But I have to admit, the thought has crossed my mind. Dear Lord, help me.

*Ground coffee: I used to be a whole-bean purist, but that darn coffee grinder wakes up the baby.

*Yoga pants and Uggs: My uniform.

*Buying your kid the thing he's screaming for (and won't let go of) at the store: Yep, I'm that mom.

*Using your clothing as Kleenex: I probably don't need to elaborate.

*Elmo: I never could relate, but now, oh I TOTALLY GET IT. Mornings without Elmo, well, they're just not good. (Still, though, I do have some standards: We're a Barney-free household.)

What's on your list?


Sarah Yost said...

Oh, lord help me, I too want a minivan. Those captain's seats and hauling space are certainly tempting.

My cousin bought a minivan which she loved, by the way. But after purchasing said van, she got a tattoo to balance it out.

My kind of gal.

k/ said...

We succumbed and bought the mini van. I had to diva it up with leather seats and a sun roof, however. Eric simply and quietly stated as we drove it off the lot that he left his testicles at the Toyota dealership. If you have to delete my comment (or contact me to do so) I will take no offense. I know your blog is professional...unlike mine. clearly. ;) k

McJuicemom said...

Read your blog through Katie's Smile Lines and really like it!

No to the minivan - I'm still eyeing the BMW Z3 as my next ride (the babies can squeeze in the back, can't they?) But I have to admit that I never thought I'd bribe the kids with candy in the grocery store, but I do. They can only watch Nick and Disney channels, but they do watch Drake and Josh, Zoe 101, they know every High School Musical song and episode of Spongebob by heart. I let them go out in public with pants that are too short and shorts in the winter - I'm just too tired to fight about clothes. I could go on, but you can probably read the rest of my shortcomings as a mom at Koo Koo Katchoo:-)

SA said...

Had and sold minivan. But... I watched and liked teletubbies. Never let my kid watch barnie though. I got fat. NEVER thought i would do that.

k/ said...

Love this post! I fear if I start with my list I'd never stop...Fun reads, women! k